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Purchase a new product or add/remove products I already have from the BEMO Online Store

How to purchase new or additional Office 365 licenses:

Increase, lower or cancel a subscription

If you have already purchased a product in the past, simply follow these steps

1. Using your Global Admin account, log in go BEMO Online Store at https://store.bemopro.com
2. Navigate to your list of Office 365 subscription page at https://store.bemopro.com/license-office-365/ 
3. Locate the subscription you change the number of seats for and click on 'Add or remove seats". If you want to cancel a subscription, simply change the quantity to "0" (zero).

4. Go to your Shopping Cart, update the quantity needed and complete your order

NOTE: First-time buyers will need to create a billing profile, once you have done that, go ahead and complete your order.

Purchase a product for the first time

  1. Visit BEMO Online Store at https://store.bemopro.com
  2. Find the subscription you want to purchase using either the search toolbar, our featured product page or using the product pull-down menu
  3. Press the button Add to cart
  4. Repeat as needed for additional products you need, then proceed to the shopping cart from the top menu
  5. Increase the quantity as needed, fill up the order form, accept terms and submit your order